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C4i SaaS Modules

In a post-COVID environment, we noted that existing commercial off the shelf systems (COTS) for management of emergency response teams simply did not cater for all requirements, were not using best practice methodologies, failed under pressure during Force Majeure events, and lacked integrity if reports were ever presented and challenged in court. 


The C4i System "Service-as-a-Software" (SaaS) platform offers organisations a powerful ability to remotely command and control security guards and emergency response teams. The high integrity of the C4i System Data is designed to be used as evidence in court, with a focus on Security, OH&S, and Emergency Response Managment and Reporting. Audits and Investigations are a CORE function, as is intelligence gathering, and not an after thought "added on" later. 


The C4i System data sets also give clients "comfort" when processing invoices, and can also assist with invoice disputes. It also acts to prove service delivery, and eliminates "ghost workers", as many security and emergency response teams operate after hours or not in clear view of the client. "Geo-fencing" also assists in confirming staff were actually onsite.


We also noted some workforces had a "high turn-over" due to staff attrition or reduction in immigration work force, adding pressure in training new starters on multiple systems. The C4i System has a single central interface that is extremally user friendly, and designed for staff where English is not their first language, have low IT skills, or are "junior" in security & emergency response experience. The smart logic and system automation not only reduce the work load on team members, but it also assists with quick onboarding and training of new starters.


The C4i System is completely paperless, has in-built smart logic and automation, and helps you remotely manage your security operations more efficiently through various modules that focus on specific "for purpose" capabilities.

The C4i System was built from a blank canvas, not using any third party templates.


End-users do not need to use any Microsoft or Adobe Packages, as all entries, reports, and graphs are system generated.


The design and function is from former career Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, and Security Professionals, with data sets designed to be submitted as evidence in court.

The C4i System Modules comprise of:



The Daily Logbook has high integrity built in, including automatic date-time stamping, and individual operator signing

The LB module allows sites with multiple team members to write individual entries via their Mobile Device or PC Terminal, and then the entries are fused together into a single report


Duress button, Roster Management & HR, including Site Induction / Guard License expiry checks are also part of the LB

VISY Weighbridge.jpeg


Key, Vehicle, & Visitor Register for Gatehouse & Weighbridge Operations 

More than 3,000+ car, truck, helicopter, ship, and visitor movements processed daily across multiple sites - with complete recall history of each driver or number plate.  System has ability to print delivery dockets for individual drivers or receipt for lost property, and automatically calculate NET weight, based on GROSS and TARE inputs


One residential gated community alone has 650+ mechanical keys that is managed by the C4i System, where "Re-Keying" of a single lost GGMK could be USD $100k+. Another 100+ keys, proxy cards, and FOB's are onboarded and compartmentalized to other sites

Person of Interest "POI" alarm also assists tracking history of difficult persons, banned person, or illegal activity


Incident Reports have unique serial numbers, and are designed to be used as evidence in court for security related matters, including when dealing with drug or alcohol effected members of the public, mental health patients, fire fighting responses, FIP/ASE Alarms, VESDA or Sprinkler Alarms, arrest of trespassers, theft, or observed site damage


Initial reports released as "Ver 1.0" PDF to listed stakeholders (email) and a copy placed onto Server (cloud). Version control ensures subsequent updates change version number. IR's also have PSPF labelling for Government clients.

Pickles Car Auctions.jpg


Smart WAND Patrol Points Reports confirm date, time, and location of a set inspection point via NFC tags, QR code scan, iBeacon, or GPS. System can be setup for "Covert Handsfree" strikes ideal for retail loss prevention. 

3 million+ client site photos and videos securely stored IAW ISO:9001 and ISO:27k best practices, uploaded each shift, which can also be used as a "backup Patrol Point"

Media includes FLIR (Ti) Thermal Imagery on selected sites who need evidence of fire risk mitigation, or Bodycamera footage to confirm audio and video of a situation


Key Performance Indicator Telematics Engine per site to assess and confirm performance. Automatic schedular allows Daily, Weekly, or Monthly report generation and release to approved mailout list. Visual graphs allow a simple view of performance trends and patterns

Control Room.jpg

RC (with GPS)

The Radio Check Information Suite gives live intelligence to a single operator to Command & Control various sites, respond to duress buttons, and PTToC radio communication capability.


Designed for both "Lone Worker" 1-up environments, or multi-team member sites.


Real time GPS Telemetry Data of individual team members and private TEXT messaging is also part of this software suite.  Communication is via the latest IETF TLS v1.3.

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