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Cloud based Software Suite for Management of Security Guards & Emergency Response Teams

"White Label" SaaS Platform

The C4i System is a powerful yet easy-to-use cloud-based software, for remote command and control of security guards and emergency response teams. The system is completely paperless, has in-built smart logic and automation, and through mission specific modules, helps you manage your security operations and intelligence gathering, efficiently in real-time. Designed for both "Lone Worker" 1-up environments, and also multi-team member workforces. 


The C4i System was created in 2020 due to issues many experienced during the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, especially for complex organisations operating Multi-Sites across Multi-States or Countries, dealing with "Snap Lockdowns" and Curfews. Existing civilian commercial platforms exposed an inability to deliver real-time monitoring and reporting during a crisis, or Force Majeure event, to a standard inline with Military and Law Enforcement Systems. The C4i System addresses such short comings, with accurate and detailed data sets designed to be used as evidence for post-incident investigations, and if needed, stand up to scrutiny in court.

Our software is a "White Label" Service-as-a-Software (SaaS) platform, allowing you to use your domain, and also put your logo onto the login page and outputted forms. While the C4i System "back end" is complex, the "front end" interface (GUI) is simple and user friendly. It is designed for staff where English is not their first language, or have low IT skills, or are "junior" in Security & Emergency response experience. Guard inputs and workloads are reduced, while accuracy increased, through tablet touch screen options and pre-defined drop down menu items.

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Daily Logbook with Roster Management & Guard License and Site Induction compliance checks 


Key, Vehicle, & Visitor Register for high volume Weighbridge Operations, and managing complex Gatehouse key sets

C4i System Modules


Incident Reports designed to be used as evidence in court, with a focus on Security, OH&S, and Emergency Response


Smart WAND Patrol Point Reports, Covert Loss Prevention tracking, GPS tracking, & Site Photo Capturing


Real Time Radio Check Control Room Software that is fused to a Key Performance Indicator Telematics Engine for Daily, Weekly, or Monthly Reporting

How It Works

One Platform - Two Systems

Based on user credential levels, the primary system is available to the Emergency First Responders as "User Level" access.  Data and events are quickly and easily generated while the team members are on duty.

The secondary system is "Admin Level" access, not visible or accessible to the bulk workforce. This is available to the Control Room, Project Manager, or Auditor, to undertake real-time investigations and monitoring of the team to ensure they are safe, conforming to contract requirements or set KPI's, or apply additional resources as a response to Duress or Emergency events.

Endpoint Agnositc and API Calls

No proprietary hardware is required. If hardware is required, the C4i System allows you to bring your own devices (BYOD). Data collection is available from various end-points, such as Smart Wands, Mobile Phones, iPADS, Tablets, NFC enabled devices, iBEACONS, PC's, FLIR Thermal (Ti) Cameras, & Body Cameras. Team members can be static in a gatehouse, on foot patrol, in patrol cars or buggies, or even on security patrol boats.

The server is enterprise level, and operates from either AZURE or AWS data centres, uses TLS v1.3, and allows multiple API calls and Schedules to various third-party systems, such as Kronos, SOTI, Dropbox and Outlook. 


Trusted at 400+ Diverse Client Sites since 2021

The C4i System is currently live, operational, and in-service

Latest Release - Ver 1.67 (09 MAY 2024) - Build 632

500+ Guards 

500+ Guards Onboarded across Australia, servicing over 400+ separate and diverse client sites such as Emergency Hospitals, Pych Wards, Industrial Recycling Facilities, Manufacturing sites, High-Rise Residential Accommodation, Shopping Centre's, Retail Outlet Stores, Car Dealerships, Weighbridges, and Zoo's. This includes sites manned 24/7/365, patrol sites, alarm response sites, and sites located across different time zones

8,500+ IR's p.a

700+ Incident Reports generated per month, exceeding 8,500+ IR's per annum, including IR's pertaining to Emergency Service & Law Enforcement involvement, Security and site policy breaches, and OH&S matters. The IR's also have PSPF Labeling for government clients and end-users. 

3 Million+ media files  

3 million+ client site multimedia photos and videos securely stored IAW ISO:9001 and ISO:27k best practices, with new media uploaded each shift

Graphical Reports

Daily, Weekly, or Monthly reporting system to confirm if client set KPI's have been achieved, with performance trends and patterns easily viewed

International DEV Team

The C4i core R&D team are from Australia, India, Italy, and Poland. Continuous improvements from operational "lessons learned" and limited field T&E phases are feed into the software update road map each month. 


3,000+ Daily Vehicles

More than 3,000+ car, truck, helicopter, ship, and visitor movements processed daily across multiple sites - with complete history of each driver or number plate times on / off site. "Docket" output for entries can email out as POD or receipt. More than 17,000+ unique number plates stored in central database, including Police & Emergency Service attendance vehicles, for instant "Recall" of pre-populated visitor / staff profiles or Person of Interest (POI) Alarm 

750+ Keys & FOB's 

One residential gated community client alone has 650+ mechanical keys that is managed by the C4i System, where "Re-Keying" of a single lost GGMK could be USD $100k+. Smart logic allows keys and their history to be searched quickly. There are another 100+ keys, proxy cards, and FOB's onboarded and compartmentalised across other sites

Modernise you Emergency Response Team, and prove your service delivery, with the C4i System Software

Built IAW ISO:27001 principles, and designed to support IMS, helping your business meet and exceed ISO:9001 QMS frameworks, ISO:14001 EMS obligations, and ISO:45001 OH&S compliance

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Continuous Improvments 


The C4i System has operational service at Industrial Recycling Plants, Emergency Hospitals, Marinas, Residential Apartments, Retail Outlets, Shopping Centers, and in Mobile Patrol Cars. 

This includes complex national "Multi-Site ~ Multi-State" clients.

Feedback and suggestions from such a diverse client environment and worker base, resulted in a unique R&D phase, and aggressive field T&E trials, where bug fixes and ideas for each of the six (6)
C4i System Modules are released OTA, in parallel to "future features" road map that is agile, and envisioned for future capabilities and updates.

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